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Thread: generating graph with unequal intervals using QCustomPlot in Qt

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    Default generating graph with unequal intervals using QCustomPlot in Qt

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    I am able to generate the graph with equal intervals on both the axis using QCustomPlot .

    Example: If i give the range as 100 to 1 and set the tickstep as 10, the tick label is 100 90 80 70 60 ....

    But i need to generate dynamically with unequal intervals.

    Expected output:

    In xaxis I have to get the tick label as 100 50 40 30 10 9 8 ...

    In yaxis i need the tick label as 0.1 ,0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 99999, 99999

    space and number interval should not be same. How can we generate graph with unequal intervals in x and y axis using QCustomPlot.

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    Default Re: generating graph with unequal intervals using QCustomPlot in Qt

    You asked this question once already, and it was answered, twice. Before you post this again, why not spend a few minutes looking at your previous posts?
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