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Thread: Postgres drivers are not working with my QT project

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    Post Postgres drivers are not working with my QT project

    I have build Postgres drivers as mentioned here ]
    My problem is when I run the build I get the error of "no driver found".
    Please Note that I have also placed the driver in the same folder has that of my exe file.
    Thanks in advance

    In my code
    Qt Code:
    1. db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QPSQL");
    2. if(!db.isValid)
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    I am getting db.isValid always false

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    Default Re: Postgres drivers are not working with my QT project

    check the doc for complete the connection process : you must set the database's name, password and host . and you can also copy all postgree's dlls into ...\Tools\QtCreator\bin folder !
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