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Thread: Build standalone QT program using gnuplot-iostream

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    Default Build standalone QT program using gnuplot-iostream


    i used gnuplot-iostream master in my qt project.
    now i want to create a standalone application from my project, so i compiled the project using static linked libraries. starting this created standalone application on another linux system work, but when the program comes to the gnuplot method, i get an following error:
    "sh: 1: gnuplot not found"

    so i guess i have to link the gnuplot library also static, but i can't find any libgnuplot.a library or something like that on my system. i also cant't find a description how to compile a static version of gnuplot... can someone help me please?

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    Default Re: Build standalone QT program using gnuplot-iostream

    If I understand gnuplot-iostream correctly, it is a library for communicating with a GNUPlot process that is run as a child process of the application using the library.

    So you can either ship the gnuplot program so that this library continues to work or search for a way to directly include gnuplot's code.


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