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Thread: Qt Quick and Android

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    Default Qt Quick and Android

    I am trying to build/deploy on Android using Qt Quick, but so far with no succes, meaning not even the Hello World example works. It either does not build, either does not deploy either the application will only show a black screen.

    It all started when I updated Qt Creator to the latest version (I think I had 3.3.0 before, not entirely sure), Qt Creator would deploy but wasn't able to start and keep the connection between the IDE and ADB emulator or tablet, at least the application worked, afterwards the application got a few lines bigger and I told myself that a more structured code would make it more readable so I split the code between different .qml files, after that and adding some more code the application wouldn't start at all, I tried removing the code but still no success, after that I tried to update the Android SDK, which still with no success, I updated to Qt5.5 and made things even worse (didn't even build the package properly, it had missing imports, etc), so I went back to 5.3.

    Any ideeas? Or which are the best versions of Qt5.X to use for Android building with QML?

    FYI I am not experiencing issue with Qt/C++

    Atm I am building using Qt Creator 5.3.0, Qt5.3.1, Ubuntu 14.04

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    Default Re: Qt Quick and Android

    I am beginner in Qt,and beginner in english language,so cant undarstand u good.I have the same problem,with my project,when i got QT 5.5(i have 5.2),project is not bulid too.I remember,when i got "make" configurations,and some project conf.,now is ok.

    "Any ideeas? Or which are the best versions of Qt5.X to use for Android building with QML?"

    Zero ideas,u better try,to dowload,and use.Is the best way.One say to u"is Qt 5.2"another say "5.5",better download,and try.

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