Can someone help me with a issue?
I am trying to get the meta data (for cross-platform portability reasons) using QMediaPlayer but with no avail.

I have changed the code to check if meta data is available but it returns false everytime here is the code from my method:
Qt Code:
  1. void ControlClass::get_file_data(const QString &path){
  2. QFileInfo fi(path);
  3. QString filePath = fi.filePath().remove(QRegExp("file://")); /* path returns the path and file:// prepended so I need to remove it to access the file properly */
  5. QMediaPlayer *p = new QMediaPlayer(0);
  6. p->setMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile(filePath));
  7. p->setVolume(100);
  8. p->play();
  9. qDebug()<<p->isMetaDataAvailable(); /* returns false */
  10. }
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The file plays but no metadata available for every song I played, any solutions?