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Thread: Compile error on QwtPolar (MinGw)

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    Default Compile error on QwtPolar (MinGw)


    I try to compile QwtPolar 1.1.1 for a project.

    I use Qt 5.5 and Qwt 6.1.2 on Windows 8.

    I get sources from here: After that, I use MinGw console (Qt 5.5 for Desktop) to compile the project.

    No problem when doing "qmake" but when I try to compile with mingw32-make, I have an error: qwt_curve_fitter not found!

    I understand it's because QwtPolar cannot found Qwt but I don't know why? QWT_ROOT is defined and add to path. I add Qwt directory into but nothing was changed.

    Can you help me, please?

    Okami Ryuu

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    Default Re: Compile error on QwtPolar (MinGw)

    Quote Originally Posted by OkamiRyuu View Post
    QWT_ROOT is defined and add to path. I add Qwt directory into but nothing was changed.
    a) Install Qwt properly

    qmake + make + make install.

    b) Configure qmake to find qwt.prf


    c) Install QwtPolar properly

    qmake + make + make install


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