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Thread: storing and reading XML with commented attributes

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    Default storing and reading XML with commented attributes

    Lets say I have an XML file like this:

    Qt Code:
    1. [B]<root Version="1.0">[/B]
    2. <!-- elem1 comment-->
    3. [B]<elem1 value="foo"/>[/B]
    4. <!-- elem2 comment-->
    5. [B]<elem2>[/B]
    6. <!-- elem2a comment-->
    7. [B]<elem2a value="foo"/>[/B]
    8. <!-- elem2b comment-->
    9. [B]<elem2b value="foo"/>[/B]
    10. <!-- elem2c comment-->
    11. [B]<elem2c value="foo"/>[/B]
    12. [B]</elem2>[/B]
    13. <!-- elem3 comment-->
    14. [B]<elem3 value="foo"/>
    15. </root>[/B]
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    Is it possible to read this, represent it in my program, potentially modify it and write the updated structure back to disk without losing the comment <-> element connection? It's not a problem if comment must be subelements of or sth. similar, I just wanna have a consistent way of commenting elements.

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    Default Re: storing and reading XML with commented attributes

    I would use QDomComment. Look at the docs. It's quite simple.

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