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Thread: QML accept self-singed SSL certificate

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    Default QML accept self-singed SSL certificate


    I am building an app where I try to talk to an external webserver. At the moment I am opening php files on the server with specific get variables and the sever answers with a xml file. On the server are user specific information where the user needs to login to have access. To the login over my app I would like to secure the connection to the server by using SSL. Unfortunately I only have a self-signed SSL certificate available, witch is not working out of the box. Currently I am getting a SSL handshake failed error message.

    Is there a way in QML to accept self-signed SSL certs?

    Here is what I am currently doing and what is working with http

    Qt Code:
    1. Page {
    2. id: root
    3. property string dataURL: "https://..."
    4. property bool modelDataError: false
    5. property string statusMessage: ""
    6. property string filter: ""
    7. property var datum : new Date()
    8. property int jetzt: datum.getTime()/1000 - 24*3600
    10. XmlListModel {
    11. id: planModel
    12. source: root.dataURL
    13. query: "/xml/"
    14. ...
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    Default Re: QML accept self-singed SSL certificate

    Maybe adding your certificate to Qt's default SSL configuration?


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