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Thread: pyqt: Start new thread and keep GUI reponsive whilst this new thread is still running

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    Default pyqt: Start new thread and keep GUI reponsive whilst this new thread is still running

    Hi all,

    There a problem I've been wrestling with when working in PyQt4 and it should be fairly simple... but I find it isn't.

    I want to perform a calculation on another thread and have the GUI wait for the calculation to finish but remain responsive whilst waiting. By "responsive" I don't mean the user should be doing anything, I just don't want the GUI to freeze.

    I have something like:

    class worker(QObject):
    def __init__(self, args):
    super(worker, self).__init__()

    print QThread.currentThreadId()

    self.args = args

    start = pyqtSignal()

    def __del__(self):

    def run(self):

    print QThread.currentThreadId()
    '''do a long calculation using self.args'''

    myworker = worker(args)

    mythread = QtCore.QThread()
    print mythread.currentThreadId()

    print mythread.currentThreadId()

    print mythread.currentThreadId()

    // keep the GUI responsive until the long calc on another thread has finished
    while mythread.isRunning():

    You will notice that I print the thread Id in several places. The output tells me that only the run method is running on a different thread and so the while loop is an inifinite loop because mythread is running on the GUI thread, not the worker thread that run is running on. How can I keep running QtGui.QApplication.processEvents() until run has finished executing?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: pyqt: Start new thread and keep GUI reponsive whilst this new thread is still run

    currentThreadId() is a static method, it prints the ID of the thread executing it.
    So whenever you call it from the main thread, it evaluates to the main thread's ID.


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