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Thread: In a world where date is our identity, how secure are we?

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    Default In a world where date is our identity, how secure are we?

    I was visiting with a friend recently when the topic of security breach came up. We both had been victims of the massive data breach and lost some of our banking information. We both had replaced our credit cards and that is where the similarities ended. My friend, on the other hand, was outraged; he could not believe that this had happened. I don’t want to misquote him, but he emphatically stated, “I will never use my credit card again!” Ridiculous…yes, but a very real feeling for those who are not aware of the constant threats and vulnerabilities we all face daily.

    Have you been in this situation? In a world where data is our identity, was steps have you taken to secure yourself and those you care about?

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    Default Re: In a world where date is our identity, how secure are we?

    I'm sad to hear about what happened to both of you. I understand your point. I'm also afraid of these cyber attacks and even hackers could detect even the best security firewalls. Good for me, that I have not been into such situation. By the way, I heard from my husband that there's a defense strategy for that nowadays. If I'm not mistaken there's a software provider who could be reliable and possible to contend that attacks. I hope everyone must be aware of this kind especially for the safety of our transactions online.

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