Hi folks
I am just trying to make my first steps with Qt Framework.

My final goal is to create a cross Platform mobile application.

I created a Qt Quick 2 Hello World app, and I started playing with that.
It compiles and runs correctly with Windows, Windows Phone (emulator or device) and Android Genymotion.

I am corrently using Windows 10, Qt 5.5 and last version of pretty much everything I mentioned.

What I have not managed to accomplish is to use the Visual Studio Android Emulator.

The app is not rendered in the emulator and only a White screen is showed. If I click on the background the app closes (and this is correct accordingly to the Hello World example app), so it means the app is running indeed and the problem is related only to rendering.

Official Visual Studio Android emulator documentation says :

"If your app makes direct or indirect use of OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher, it may not render on our emulator. This is because we use the open source ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine) project to convert OpenGL ES calls to DirectX before they are forwarded to run on the host machine's GPU. ANGLE supports most OpenGL ES 3.0 APIs, but a few have yet to be implemented. However, OpenGL ES 2.0 works correctly."

If I use OpenGL Viewer App in Genymotion I can read "OpenGL ES 2.0 (3.3)". If I use OpenGL Viewer App in Visual Studio Android emulator I can read "OpenGL ES 2.0" (without 3.3 or whatever).

Do I have to use QSurfaceFormat to make explicit use of lower OpenGL version ?
If I am right, can somebody make an example for me ?

Thank you in advance