Hello I am trying to load my .ini settings back into my UI.

I have the basic form down, from what I read in the QSettings doc and from what I could gather across the web, but I am still failing to understand how to load user saved text back into the UI.

Qt Code:
  1. void DLP3Dprinter::saveprogram()
  2. {
  4. QSettings settings("Moose Soft", "Clipper");
  6. settings.beginGroup("MainWindow");
  7. settings.setValue("size", size());
  8. settings.setValue("pos", pos());
  9. settings.setValue("Resolution",ui->StepResolutionText->toPlainText());
  10. settings.endGroup();
  12. }
  13. void DLP3Dprinter::readsettings()
  14. {
  15. QSettings settings("Moose Soft", "Clipper");
  17. settings.beginGroup("MainWindow");
  18. resize(settings.value("size", QSize(400, 400)).toSize());
  19. move(settings.value("pos", QPoint(200, 200)).toPoint());
  20. //settings.setUserData("Resolution",ui->StepResolutionText->toPlainText());
  21. //ui->StepResolutionText->setPlainText(QApplication::translate("DLP3Dprinter"," ?????",0));
  23. // ui->StepResolutionText->setPlainText(settings.value("Resolution"));
  25. settings.endGroup();
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I am trying various methods to attain my desired result, but my programming knowledge is limited. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure this is pretty simple, once understood.