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Thread: QToolButton outside of QToolBar

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    Default QToolButton outside of QToolBar

    I'm stuck with Qt 4.8.6 for now.

    I'm using QToolButton controls without placing them inside a QToolBar. This seems to work well, except for one thing: icons for the "active" (hover) state are not shown. In other words, the icon of the QToolButton doesn't change when the mouse cursor is hovering above it. It works fine if I place the QToolButton inside a QToolBar, but in my case the styling of the QToolBar is undesirable and it doesn't look like I'm fully able to cancel it.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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    Default Re: QToolButton outside of QToolBar

    The toolbar most likely has a slot that is connected to the QAction::hover() signal, and it is in this slot where the button's state icons are changed.

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