I'm new to qt and I needed to create some small application, When I done I used the windeployqt tool to deploy the application.

When I run it the application crashes, after some debugging I saw that the application crashes on the dll: atig6txx.dl. this is a graphics card dll - AMD. I have RX480
and AMD driver version of: 16.12.2, I've also tried to download the latest driver (17.1.2) and it still crashed.

I've used QT Creator 4.2.1 to create this application.

I have 2 monitors, 1 is connected to the motherboard. When I set the motherboard connected monitor as my main monitor so the AMD driver will not be in use everything is working ok,
No crashes no problems at all.

Is this a known problem / Is there a solution? This application suppose to run on more AMD graphics card computers so using intel / windows driver all the time gonna be a bit problomatic.