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Thread: QML ListView ~ Multiple Columns

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    Default QML ListView ~ Multiple Columns

    I need to create a ListView with multiple columns. I've found a reference for creating a custom ListView delegate:

    But, my question is... Say I want 4 columns laid out like this:

    Col 1 has an icon
    Col 2 has two text fields stacked ontop of each other
    Col 3 has two text fields stacked ontop of each other
    Col 4 has an icon

    How would I go about laying this out? I understand I'll have to create a custom delegate... I assume I'll create a 'template' delegate that I'll instantiate and append to the ListView?

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    Default Re: QML ListView ~ Multiple Columns

    You always have a custom delegate, that is how the ListView works.
    You just need four appropriately wide items in a row or anchored horizontally and then fill these "cells" with whatever child items you need.

    Or you use a TableView.


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