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Thread: List WIFI networks available and connect with security using Qt

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    Default List WIFI networks available and connect with security using Qt

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to list all WIFI available in some area where my embedded Linux is, like a NetworkManager in some linux distribution. This not mean remember networks or saved networks in my embedded, just discover for a new like some mobiles phones or laptops. So my first question is: There is any way to solve this using some Qt API? I need that with this API, list all wifi networks and connect to one, with or without security depends of particular network. I have code one example app that use QDBus and Connman to achieve this, but when I get DBus Connman messages, its difficult to unmarshall this message and get all wifi data. Then I want to know if someone knows a project example or something like that using this QDBus approach.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: List WIFI networks available and connect with security using Qt

    Does QNetworkConfigurationManager help you?

    If not, did you have a look at Solid?


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