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Thread: How to resize a Mdi child?

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    Question How to resize a Mdi child?


    I have an application that uses mdi childs. This childs are defined in the UI as 800x600 but when I create a new child the application sets it to 264x489.. And I don't see how to change this in code. I can resize them with the mouse though.

    I tried resize(...) or setGeometry(...) but nothing works out.

    Any idea what I am missing?


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    Default Re: How to resize a Mdi child?

    If you want to set a minimum size, you can use setMinimumSize or setMinimumSizeHint.
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    Default Re: How to resize a Mdi child?

    After much searching for an answer, and experimenting, I found this to work for me.

    Qt Code:
    1. child->parentWidget()->resize(900, 700);
    2. child->parentWidget()->updateGeometry();
    3. child->show();
    4. // child->showMaximized();
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    You can use showMaximized() in place of show() and the (900, 700) will still be used if the window is later changed to normal.
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