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Thread: HOW to embed IE core into QT WebEngine

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    Question HOW to embed IE core into QT WebEngine

    With the release of QT 5.7, the QTWebEngine has become more important when making a browser. Still Some Website is still so old school,which can not play correctly with Webkit Engine, instead of IE core.

    So there is the question: how to embed IE core into QT WebEngine?

    ps: I planned to use ActiveX Microsoft WEbbrowser on QT. But I gived up finally as the interfaces are incomplete.

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    Default Re: HOW to embed IE core into QT WebEngine

    Qt WebEngine is a Qt adapter on top of the Chromium Engine and I doubt that either Microsoft or Google has any interest in incorporating IE code into that.

    If Microsoft has a similar base engine that can be adapted then you will have to write that adapter.


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