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Thread: Is this architecture RIGHT?

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    Default Is this architecture RIGHT?


    The scenario.

    The app is for displaying the maps. The basic functionalities are included like Login/List of Maps Display / Download & DisplayMaps / UserAccessRoles etc.,
    The way I designed architecture, Login.qml for user authentication, Listportal.qml for listing the maps according to user access levels.
    Login.qml/ListPortal.qml will call HomeController.cpp and pass the data. Then HomeController.cpp will decide which class should be called like utility.cpp/model.cpp/ReadWritexml.cpp

    The results will be passed from utility.cpp/model.cpp to HomeController and to Login.qml/ListPortal.qml. I thought about the advantage, Home controller can save the information using Qsettings like username etc., so that time will be saved.

    Am I doing the right architecture? Do we need anything more or less like interface/abstract class should be implemented? I am very much concern about the performance and memory.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Is this architecture RIGHT?

    There is not enough information here to determine whether the design is good or bad. You have only shown us some relations between QML documents. This doesn't tell what those documents contain and how components interoperate.
    Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

    Please ask Qt related questions on the forum and not using private messages or visitor messages.

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