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Thread: QTableView and QAbstractTableModel programming

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    Default QTableView and QAbstractTableModel programming

    I have successfully created code that loads and displays data in a QTableView with a QAbstractTableModel.

    I have done so by piecing together a LOT of bits from around the web. And I would really like to find some discussion of the concepts of table views and models...I really find the complexity of displaying a table of data with this construct mind numbing. I be happy to go read any recommendations. Or if anyone can recommend any tutorials or examples?

    That said, what I really need to do now is add code that sets the color of a row. For example the color of the row indicates the function of the displayed data. So each row may be one of 4 or 5 colors.

    So far, setBackgroundColor doesn't seem to be the answer...

    I'm using PyQt5.

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    Default Re: QTableView and QAbstractTableModel programming

    Look at QAbstractTableModel::data method, specifically for the Qt::BackgroundRole.
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    Default Re: QTableView and QAbstractTableModel programming

    I be happy to go read any recommendations.
    Mark Summerfield's book "Advanced Qt Programming" has nearly 200 pages on models, views, delegates, and other things associated with the Model / View architecture. It is a few years old and is based on Qt4, but the M/V architecture is not much different in Qt5. Unfortunately, it is all C++, but the mapping to Python is not so hard.

    He also has another book, "Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt", also PyQt4-based, but it does not have as much material on M/V.

    He's a good author, books are easy to read and understand. I found the first book particularly helpful in understanding tree models, especially using them with proxies.
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