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Thread: Unsure of which version to install - Qt

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    Default Unsure of which version to install - Qt

    Good morning

    I already have Qt & Qt Creator installed, creating applications on Windows, for a Windows based computer.
    I now want to also start cross-platform development for the Android phones.
    When I look at the Qt downloads, I see another option "Qt 5.7.0 for Android (Windows 32-bit, 1.2 GB)".
    Assuming a clean install of Qt (i.e. all other versions previously removed), would this be the version to install that will allow me to continue creating applications for Windows PC's, and ALSO apps for the Android phone?
    Next to the download is an "info" link, but it doesn't give info about the download, only a list of mirrors for the file.
    Will this download then be sufficient for Android development, or will I then still have to download the Android SDK/NDK/etc...?
    Because if that is the case, I'm not too sure what the actual difference between the Qt install for Windows development, and the Qt install for Android development is, if you have install all the extra pre-requisites anyway.

    I have seen other similar questions on what the difference between these two files are, but no definitive answer.

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    Default Re: Unsure of which version to install - Qt

    Download the online installer, launch it and pick all the versions of Qt that you want installed. You don't need anything else. If you already have Qt installed via the installer, launch the maintenance tool that comes with it and simply add all the versions of Qt you want to have.
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