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Thread: Set offset for first scale line in the plot

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    Default Set offset for first scale line in the plot

    Hello All,

    I am very new to Qwt. To support our current application I am looking for the solution to my below problem.

    I have an application data plotted using qwt and it works fine. I refresh my data every 5 seconds.
    I have set lower and upper bound along with Major steps size using "setAxisScale"
    It displays the label of the Major ticks automatically, However I would like to set the scale such that it displays the time in round figure.

    Currently it displays the time randomly (at least to me!!) for example, I have given the step size as 1 Hour so it displays the label something like,

    12.01, 13.01, 14.01... etc

    How can I modify such that my xaxes adjust Major ticks to displays time in round figure like 12.00, 13.00, 14.00 ??

    Can I set the offset for first Major tick to round the time and other Major ticks fall in line based on step size?


    I have overloaded the label function to get the time in HH:mm format and it works fine.

    Qt Code:
    1. class TimeScaleDraw : public QwtScaleDraw
    2. {
    3. virtual QwtText label(double v) const
    4. {
    5. quint32 displytime = (int)v;
    7. if (displytime == 0) {
    8. return QString::number(0);
    9. }
    10. else {
    11. displytime = quint32(v) - m_pd.baseSeconds;
    12. displytime *= m_pd.dataReso.width();
    13. displytime += m_pd.baseSeconds;
    14. }
    16. QDateTime t = QDateTime::fromTime_t((int)displytime);
    17. std::string sp_temp = t.toString(format).toStdString();
    18. return t.toString(format);
    19. }
    20. };
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    *** Here, baseSeconds are the lower bound value of my graph

    However I assume that there would be some setting in the plot which will help me get the scale drawn on the hourly rounded time points.
    I am not just looking at the the changing label but label should be appropriate according to the graph position

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    Default Re: Set offset for first scale line in the plot

    In general there is a date/time based scale system ( QwtDateScaleEngine + QwtDateScaleDraw ), that creates useful ticks for date/time scales.
    But from your code it looks like you need a scale that displays the time elapsed since some point in time. This would be a different type of scale engine ( on my TODO list for quite some time ).

    To make it short: you also need to implement a scale engine, what mostly means to provide 2 algos for aligning a given interval and then finding the ticks.


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    Default Re: Set offset for first scale line in the plot

    Thanks for the response uwe!!

    Yes, in my case I have scaling working for me but only thing is it automatically displays the scale which I want to stream line so that my Major Ticks are drawn at round figure time like 8.00, 9.00, 10.00 based on my tick size as 60 minutes

    So, here I think if I am able to set the position for first major tick then rest will fall in line, is it possible?

    I was looking at QwtScaleDiv class but did not get much information on how I can utilize it.

    I am trying to set the QList of Major ticks (not yet achieved) to set the position of my major ticks to see if it helps me.


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