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Thread: How to make a "fake" right Y axis scale?

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    Default Re: How to make a "fake" right Y axis scale?

    Hi all,

    I have a QwtPlotHistogram plotted with a logarithmic scale engine, like this:


    Now, I'd like the right Y axis scale to go from 0.0 to 1.0, and be synchronized to the left scale such that 1.0 == 1E8.

    Is this possible somehow?

    The reason I want this is because I plan on building an opacity transfer function editor on top of this. E.g. something similar to the opacity transfer function editor in Tomviz:


    And I thought it would be nice if I could have both a 0.0-1.0 scale (which relates to the opacity function) and a 1.0-1E8 (roughtly) which relates to the logarithmic histogram (the histogram is there just to guide the user when he/she edits the opacity transfer function).

    Thanks in advance for any advise!

    Added after 7 minutes:

    Sorry, nevermind. It was quite simple:

    plot.enableAxis(QwtPlot::yRight, true);
    plot.setAxisScaleEngine(QwtPlot::yRight, new QwtLinearScaleEngine());
    plot.setAxisScale(QwtPlot::yRight, 0, 1, 0.1);
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