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Thread: qwt vs qtcharts

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    Default qwt vs qtcharts

    Hi All,

    I'm on the way to develop an application that show data in real time, so first i decided to use qwt because i know it and i used it , but when i saw that qtcharts is introduced in the open qt 5.6 i'm wondering now if this module can offert what qwt offert, and if it's a good choice for displaying data in real time ?

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    Default Re: qwt vs qtcharts

    I can't and don't want to comment on other plot packages, but this is how the current maintainer ( all initial developers are gone ) of the Qt Charts module puts it:

    I suspect the aim was to provide easy to use module
    for simple charting use cases without needing 3rd party libraries, but not
    be the be-all-end-all charting solution for all users. That's how I see it
    these days, at any rate. There certainly isn't enough development
    resources put towards it to aspire to much else at the moment.
    ( Quote from the qt devel mailing list )


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