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Thread: Lose files if download PyQt4 for python 3.6 and uninstall PyQt4 for python 3.4

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    Default Lose files if download PyQt4 for python 3.6 and uninstall PyQt4 for python 3.4

    I had a beta version of python 3.6 (I think) when I downloaded PyQt4, it gave me PyQt4 for python 3.4. I have since uninstalled the beta version of python and installed the newest version of python 3.6, and now when I click 'view code' for a GUI in PyQt4, it says cannot "launch python34/Lib/site-packages/PyQt4\uic".

    1. To fix, do I uninstall PyQT4 and install another version of PyQt4(I assume it will know which version to install for python 3.6 (?)), or is that not the issue? Do I need to tell PyQT4 to look somewhere else?

    2. If the answer is to uninstall and re install PyQt4, will I lose the GUIs I had previously developed (making me start again)? Or, is there a better/easier way to get PyQt4 for python 3.6?

    By the way, I am very new to this stuff.

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    Default Re: Lose files if download PyQt4 for python 3.6 and uninstall PyQt4 for python 3.4

    We do not know where you got the versions of PyQt4 you have now, so it is difficult to tell you what you should expect. We can only assume that you are on Windows. (There are no Windows binaries of PyQt4 available in the place I would expect)

    When building PyQt4 from source you need to configure using the version of Python you intend to use.

    Your PyQt4 using programs should be py source file(s) and perhaps ui and other files. These should not be in the Python or PyQt4 directories but in a local working folder. If that is the case then uninstalling either/both Python and PyQt should not have an effect on your sources.

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