Good friends, today I come to the next question that has me going around for a long time.

I started developing a small application that would allow me to generate classes for PHP, where I would create all the class structure and all the dependencies that required the same, as well as the documentation.

The point is that now he created a kind of "frame" in PHP and thought about developing a small text editor that allowed me to streamline its use and how I have not worked in Qt / C ++ I thought I would do this with . The detail is in what was supposed to be something small has become a fairly large project.

The problem is the following:

I have the following project structure:

Qt Code:
  1. src/
  2. /addons/ // Structure to accommodate any add-ons you wish to add and / or develop for the application
  3. /addon_1/
  4. /controller/
  5. /model/
  6. /view/
  7. /addon_2/
  8. /controller/
  9. /model/
  10. /view/
  11. /addon_3/
  12. /controller/
  13. /model/
  14. /view/
  15. /bin/ // Main Application
  16. /controller/
  17. /model/
  18. /view/
  19. /com/ecosoftware/ // General libraries for handling the common functions of any application that has been developed
  20. /app/
  21. /patterns/
  22. /singleinstance/
  23. /window/
  24. /components/
  25. /expandtoolbar/
  26. /menubar/
  27. /statusbar/
  28. /tabbar/
  29. /tabpanel/
  30. /workspace/
  31. /mainwindow/
  32. /common/ // Libraries commonly used for the application and / or any component thereof
  33. /actions/
  34. /files/
  35. /language/
  36. /utils/
  37. /config/
  38. /data/
  39. /doc/
  40. /editor/ // Text Editor Tools
  41. /controller/
  42. /model/
  43. /view/
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The point is, I want to compile the whole project, I stay the same way I have my source code.

From what I researched by different means, is that thing by the makefile, but I can not understand how.

On the other hand qMake can apparently help me with this, but in the documentation I do not know how to get the final build structure.

In addition to this, I have managed to create all my code as Dynamic libraries (to reduce the size of it, to reach 500 MB, which is not good hehehe), but adding them to the project, but to the added ones, when Compilo, tell me what to do.

To recap, How to compile my project and to stay in the same way that I have my source code.

Thanks in advance.