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    Default [QAxObject] Excel export

    I'm using an excel class from - it works fine (reading from file). Now I need to delete every 2nd row in file, but I have no idea, how to do it. I can't find which arguments accept dynamicCall/querySubOject/etc.

    Thanks for any help!

    OK, I think, this works:
    Qt Code:
    1. m_sheet = m_sheets->querySubObject( "Item( int )", 1);
    2. QAxObject* usedrange = m_sheet->querySubObject( "UsedRange");
    3. QAxObject * rows = usedrange->querySubObject("Rows");
    4. int intRows = rows->property("Count").toInt();
    6. for(int row=24; row<50; row++)
    7. {
    8. QAxObject *qRow = m_sheet->querySubObject("Rows(int)", row);
    9. qRow->dynamicCall("Delete");
    10. }
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