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Thread: Qt Data Grid with Grouping & filtering

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    Default Qt Data Grid with Grouping & filtering

    I want to design a UI for linux Desktop. For this i will be needing following widgets / controls. I have searched and gone through the Qt resources but did not
    find any satisfactory solution yet.

    I want to use a grid that provides features like "filtering" & "grouping".

    - I could not find any such grid in standard Qt widget or Qt Quick controls neither any open source implementation of the same.
    - I have found a option but that is paid - QtitanDataGrid

    1. Is anything similar available under Qt quick or Qt Widget ?

    2. Also for complex Desktop application with multiple windows, views, grids, multiple threads and controls like grid, docking controls like Visual studio, slider/ splitter , which will be best to use Qt Quick or Qt Widgets (Only Desktop version is required , no future Mobile migration will be needed) ?


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    Default Re: Qt Data Grid with Grouping & filtering

    1. Is anything similar available under Qt quick or Qt Widget ?
    No, not in the standard Qt distribution. You might find something in KDE or on There is also Cute Report, but that is designed mainly for printed reports and involves scripting and other things to get it working. QtitanDataGrid is the only widget I know of for on-screen display of tables with grouping.

    which will be best to use Qt Quick or Qt Widgets
    I find it much easier to write code for desktop apps using Qt Widgets. Qt Quick is great for small or embedded apps, but if you have a complex UI with a lot of interacting parts I think you would struggle to get it done in Qt Quick. Just my opinion, others may have a different idea.
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