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Thread: QT creator - online compiler

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    Default QT creator - online compiler

    I wonder is there any online compiler that allows me to use QT classes?
    Sometimes, you don't have access to computer with compiler, but you want to check some code quickly. In that scenario the first choice is online compiler.
    But I don't know any compiler that allows to use QT classes.
    I tell more. I would also be happy to use in online compilers the FFTW project classes.

    Don't you know anything like that?

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    Default Re: QT creator - online compiler

    This is an issue that has to do with the online compuiler that you use.
    My guess it that most will only be pure language compilers, maybe with the addition of STL (for C++).
    I have googled and found at least one compiler that offers external libraries, including Qt, but that was for java.
    ( - see the button "Add external library (from maven repo)" ).
    So may be if you spend some time with google you might find one which offers Qt libs for C++ as well.
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