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Thread: Valgrind Memory analyzer on genereic linux device

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    Default Valgrind Memory analyzer on genereic linux device


    I have a problem with memory analysis on generic linux device.
    I have create a kit for generic linux device. Device is connected via LAN, build and run on remote device works fine without any problem. But when I try to use a valgrind memory analysis then I got error:

    Qt Code:
    1. valgrind: /home/root/ramcam: No such file or directory
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    The path "/home/root/ramcam" is path where is my app store on remote linux device. File ramcam is really exist on the path, I checked it.

    It look like that valgrind try to find it on my local PC, not on remote device.

    In Qt creator is also a button "Valgrind memory analyzer (external remote application)", at documentation I read that is for application without .pro file and this is not my case.
    When I create a desktop application then debugger and memory analyzer work fine.

    Can you advise me what am I do wrong? How to start valgrind memory analyzer on genereic linux device over a Qt?

    Thank you for your help and ideas

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    Default Re: Valgrind Memory analyzer on genereic linux device

    You can analyze any external application, regardless if it uses .pro or not. The path which you seem to be taking tries to analyze a local (host) executable, not a remote one. You'd actually need valgrind deployed on the device to do that, as far as I know.
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