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Thread: calling sudo qtcreator creates subsequent problems

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    Default calling sudo qtcreator creates subsequent problems

    The other day I had a Qt application that needs to access a Futronic FS80 fingerprint scanner. As far as I know this scanner can only be accessed if the program is run as a super user.
    Something was fishy in my application, so I decided to debug it running qtcreator via sudo.
    Then it became impossible to run qtcreator easily without using sudo, because on startup qtcreator would complain it cannot replace a whole lot of files, like for example
    It appears that running as sudo has changed the ownership of these files, and I am condemned to reruning qtcreator via sudo, unless I change the file permissions.
    I'd like a quick fix to this, I'm not a Linux afficionado.
    Would you recommend erasing a whole lot of these files, on the assumption that qtcreator can rebuild them, or should I be less brutal?
    Thankyou for your attention.
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