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Thread: Adding support to new components after building

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    Default Adding support to new components after building

    Hi all,

    Please forgive my newbie question but I just wonder if anyone could advise on how to add support to a new component after building Qt. In another word, if I have finished building Qt from source and then later on I realize that I need support for more components, say mysql which I did not configure at the build step. How would I go back and add that into my build without having to rebuild the whole thing?

    Thank you so much.



    Wieland J.

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    Default Re: Adding support to new components after building

    Simply run configure again with the all the features you want, and let it build again.
    It will only rebuild and new build what it needs (so it should build faster than the first time).
    Run make install at the end just as you did for the first time.
    That's it.
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