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Thread: Qt Static Build - Build error g++

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    Default Qt Static Build - Build error g++

    I tried to follow this article to make a static build. First i tried this QT static buil After two tries because the powersheel did not match my setup it started to download and after several hour the whole thing crashed because it could not find minwg32. I look some more for a more "manual" way to do this and i found this Built static Qt5 the comments seem ok so i gave it a try. I uninstall my QT and re install it because he used the unified only installer, several hours later i had all installed ready to "upgrade" run the configure command, worked for about an hour and i get g++.exe application error Also get on the Qt command: MakeFile 176: recipe for target '../bin/qmake.exe' failed.
    Is there any way that this could be fixed?

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    Default Re: Qt Static Build - Build error g++

    Hi, please post the exact error messages, and maybe your configure.exe command line.


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