Hi Guys!

I have been using qt with Visual Studio 6.0 untill now with no problems but this is the first time, I am trying the same with Dev-C++ on windows.

I have successfully installed Dev-C++ with mingw-g++ compiler and configured qt with the same compiler. I am trying to make my first qt project through Dev-Cpp now, but as soon as I compile a new project, it says "mainwindow_ui.h: No such file or directory." I have already added the qt directory include and lib path in Dev-C++ paths and also unzipped a template archieved file into C:\Dev-Cpp\template directory.

Can someone give me a link/document to step by step guide to setup Dev-Cpp with qt so that I can create, open, compile and run a qt project from Dev-Cpp interface itself? All the steps and settings well documented can help us all in this respect.

Thanks in advance...
Manoj Agrawal