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Thread: How to change the qcombobox down arrow width size?

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    Default How to change the qcombobox down arrow width size?


    I have to following code to add a qcombobox to the toolbar, the icon is displayed in the drop-down with QSize(32,32), but the down-arrow width is also set the same, is there any way to change the down-arrow width size? So that it could look like the one with the red line.

    QComboBox* cb = new QComboBox();
    cb->setIconSize(QSize(32, 32));
    cb->addItem(QIcon(":/images/default_view.png"), QString(""));
    cb->addItem(QIcon(":/images/front_view.png"), QString(""));
    QWidgetAction* wa = new QWidgetAction(0);

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