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    I need a precompile step. The reason is that I have a project with DB2 inline sql code. So I have file, i.e. example.sqC. That files needs to be precompiled with db2 first: db2 prep example.sqC bindfile
    This will create the example.C file which I can compile normally then.

    So what I'll do is:
    1. precompile the .sqC file
    2. compile the generated .C file with the other files of the project
    (3. link all together)

    I tried it with QMAKE_EXTRA_COMPILERS and QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS. With the extra compilers, I got it to pre compile. But then it wasn't compiled with the "normal" tools, and also my INCLUDEPATH was ignored. And it wasn't linked into the .so file.
    With extra targets, nothing happend.

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