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Thread: When QDockWidget with QWebEngineView is undocked, other docked widgets don't respond

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    Default When QDockWidget with QWebEngineView is undocked, other docked widgets don't respond

    I have multiple dockwidgets in my main window and everything works fine until I add a dockedwidget with QwebEngineView as the widget.

    When a dockwidget with QwebEngineView as a child is undocked, user inputs such as scroll bars in the other docked widgets are ignored. When the dockwidget with QWebEngineView is docked, it works fine.

    The code I am testing with is the example project in ..\Qt 5.6\widgets\mainwindows\dockwidgets with minor modification to add one more dockedwidget with QWebEngineView (see below).

    ///// added this in void MainWindow::createDockWindows()

    WebView* w_view = new WebView(nullptr);
    dock = new QDockWidget(tr("WebView"), this);
    dock->setAllowedAreas(Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea | Qt::RightDockWidgetArea);
    addDockWidget(Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea, dock);

    /// the widget with QWebEngineView
    class WebView : public QWidget {
    WebView(QWidget* parent = 0)
    m_webEngineView = new QWebEngineView(this);

    ~WebView() {}
    QWebEngineView* m_webEngineView;

    PS: This works fine when using Qt 5.5, issue appears on versions >= 5.6 .
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