I am using a video and drawing some shaped over it to reflect my research data and for this I implemented QAbstractVideoSurface.

Also, although the implementation of QAbstractVideoSurface pipeline to process video is working but I am not able to get a full screen view. I tried some options and the problem is that fullscreen of QWidget related to QAbstractVideoSurface sets full screen locally inside the layout. Therefore, i get true if I query isFullScreen but its actually not. If i try to do it on QMainWindow then the window borders are gone and what i see is a full screen of window with my control and other things still there. A full screen from the QMainWindow perspective. I think i understand the technical ambiguity here because every fullScreen call is trying to set fullscreen of its own context(Widget or layout) to the maximum it can but while the QWidget cannot override the QMainWindow container, the QMainWindow carries all the objects with it. Any solution to this, or please point out my problem os understanding.

The Question is how to do fullscreen for QAbstractVideoSurface.

Thanks for any help.