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Thread: Enabling Android Hotspot programmatically

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    Default Enabling Android Hotspot programmatically

    Hi, everyone, I am developing a mobile application using QML and C++ and I would like android phones to connect via hotspot.
    I've looked at Qt Android Extras, QJniObject and the rest expecially the notifier example which i have run myself.
    How do i write the java code for the creation of hotspot and connection something like Xender or Shareit applications.
    Thanks, I am new to Qt programming.

    I got this code from StackOverflow, how can i integrate it into my project?

    import android.content.*;
    import java.lang.reflect.*;

    public class ApManager {

    //check whether wifi hotspot on or off
    public static boolean isApOn(Context context) {
    WifiManager wifimanager = (WifiManager) context.getSystemService(context.WIFI_SERVICE);
    try {
    Method method = wifimanager.getClass().getDeclaredMethod("isWifiAp Enabled");
    return (Boolean) method.invoke(wifimanager);
    catch (Throwable ignored) {}
    return false;

    // toggle wifi hotspot on or off
    public static boolean configApState(Context context) {
    WifiManager wifimanager = (WifiManager) context.getSystemService(context.WIFI_SERVICE);
    WifiConfiguration wificonfiguration = null;
    try {
    // if WiFi is on, turn it off
    if(isApOn(context)) {
    Method method = wifimanager.getClass().getMethod("setWifiApEnabled ", WifiConfiguration.class, boolean.class);
    method.invoke(wifimanager, wificonfiguration, !isApOn(context));
    return true;
    catch (Exception e) {
    return false;
    } // end of class
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