... and isn't there a more nice way to do it, than how it does it currently?

Apparently Qt Creator kills a running non-hung App the most brutal way; the output in the application console always tells me the program crashed plus the program was ended forcefully; if I "kill" the same App from the (Windows) Task manager, it just exits with code 1 - which seems to be way more appropriate.

So, why would one at all care?

- If for e.g. the application has a Taskbar icon, it lefts behind clutter, since Windows doesn't clean out crashed apps from there.
- Not every app (in every stage of development) has a straight forward way to leave.
- It would save life time; e.g. when starting a new build when the app is still running, it's just one or even more clicks and mouse moves less if someone...
- Just feels bad to read "crashed" in the console (and therefore needs to quit it "proper")

Thanks for listening!