Hi I developed an application that works perfectly as a win32 application(using the MSVC kits in Qt). I wanted to port this application to UWP so I can release it for the windows store, so I added the additional components for UWP in Qt. Every time I click on a QComboBox or a button with a drop down menu my application crashes, and this is only the case when running the UWP kit. I don't know why this is happening, I tried debugging it but I can't seem to find the reason of why this is happening. I know that this is not an issue with my code because it works perfectly on other platforms such as win32 or android, and more likely an issue with setting up qt for WinRT. I've been looking to see if I have done something wrong when setting up my project as a UWP application, and tried testing the examples provided by Qt with a UWP kit and all of them are working correctly except for my project. Is there something that I have to change for my application to support UWP? what things do I have to take into account when porting an app to UWP?

I am using a standard Qt Widgets project and only using the modules: widgets and xml.