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Thread: error while Adding pci card header file (plx.h) in the QT Creator

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    Question error while Adding pci card header file (plx.h) in the QT Creator

    Dear All, I am using PCI card to do external communication of RS 422, we have tested the sample program in linux terminal and working fine.
    Now we want to add the same in QT Creator to create a GUI. When we are adding the header file then we are getting around 350+ errors while compiling the code. Not getting the error. Check the declaration as below.
    plx 9030 - QT Issue.jpg

    #include "Plx.h"
    #include "PlxApi.h"
    #include "tdrv002user.h"

    Issue 1 - Let me know the steps to add external .h files.

    Issue 2 - Will my sample works in Linux Terminal and QT Creator.

    Thanks in Advance for the Help.

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    Default Re: error while Adding pci card header file (plx.h) in the QT Creator

    Don't double post.
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