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Thread: Raspberry pi 3 open serial port qt and display data on GUI

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    Default Raspberry pi 3 open serial port qt and display data on GUI

    hello everyone,i'am working on "test procedure" project i have to set communication between raspberry and and a communication card to micro-controller using qt GUI c++.
    So, my question is how could i display the results(read DATA from port) of the communication between raspi 3 and micro-controller on my GUI??
    actually my GUI, will show every time the steps i should do. if step 1 ok , my GUI will show me the next step.
    I hope my question is clear enough, then you could help me in my code project.
    thanks for advance.

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    Default Re: Raspberry pi 3 open serial port qt and display data on GUI

    i have wirte Project but not work on Pi.....
    when write on Qt your can use USB TTL tran data
    i use FingerPrint R305 for Project ....

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