Dear QT friends,

Another QT newbie. I am trying to use Server and client setup using (Qt5 with TcpSocket) in LAN environment.
LAN environment has 10 computer's connected with Ethernet. One computer act as server the remaining act like client.

Server has to 2 things do:
1. Send message between clients
2. transfer a (executable and text file) to clients. (another Windows PC in LAN which has Qt installed)

For the sending message, i am using QTcpSocket (similar to Fortune server /client example)
Question 1 :
For the File transfer, I know only the IP address and default port number of destination machine.
Without any receiving agent at destination machine , how to accomplish using FTP?
Or is there any alternative way for without using QFtp?

Question 2: when file transfer possible via QFtp then i my Server has running 2 server (QTcpSocket and QFtp ) which may be complex to implement ?

Am i missing something? Any thoughts/questions highly welcome Many thanks.