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Thread: Legend icon not scaled with renderLegend

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    Default Legend icon not scaled with renderLegend

    I am rendering a QwtPlot on a pixmap using QwtPlotRenderer and a painter with painter.scale(8,8).
    The whole plot is scaled correctly including the line on the plot and the legend text, but the legend line/icon is not scaled up.
    The QwtPlotCurve pen is set to a width of 3.
    Qt Code:
    1. const int scale = 8;
    2. QPixmap pixmap(width*scale, height*scale);
    3. QPainter painter(&pixmap);
    4. painter.scale(scale,scale);
    5. QRect rect(0,0,width,height);
    6. QwtPlotRenderer rend;
    7. rend.render(plot, &painter, rect);
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    I am using Qwt-6.1.0.
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    Default Re: Legend icon not scaled with renderLegend


    it works for me (Qwt 6.3.0 from trunk) (see attached screenshot).

    Please check if your pen has the cosmetic property set - in my case I specifically disable the cosmetic pen property when exporting the diagram to bitmap/vector.


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    Default Re: Legend icon not scaled with renderLegend

    Recently I made a couple of fixes around pens and scaling of pens. Most of them went in all branches >= 6.2.
    We also crossed a bug in the PDF engine, that should be fixed with Qt 5.11.1 ( see ).


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