Hello Qt community .

I have started working on website with Qt/C++ QML themes and templates like one presented here - https://keenthemes.com/metronic/. That will be a marketplace with free and non-free templates, frameworks, libs, themes, that will simplify development live of ours.

My post here is to get some feedbacks, on what kind of themes, will save your time, possibly even some designs. Ideas with the most amount of likes will be created as the first.

This idea came to my mind after talking with web devs, that always buy ready themes for 50$, install free packages with npm and save days. So I decided to create something very similar to save our time and improve development speed. I understand that C++ is compilable language and it's more difficult to create some market place, but I want to try. Also QML is of much better fit for this kind of reuse.

There are many repos at github, but I want to create website with something more like this - https://github.com/IndeemaSoftware/QDashBoard - ready structured templates for some standard structured projects with unique bodies. I hope idea is clear =)

This project is not only idea for now, as we already started and created few IoT components available via qpm (https://github.com/IndeemaSoftware/Q...nts-By-Indeema), but we plan to move farther and create separate website, with available compiled examples.

I am happy to get any feedback, comments and requests for ready solution, as the most liked will be developed as the first.
If you are very busy, just fill in the form, it's completely confidential https://goo.gl/nXxkvd

Thank you in advance.