I use PlotRescaler to get my axis displayed proportionally, regardless of the plot size (currently I'm using the X-Axis as reference):

Qt Code:
  1. PlotRescaler::PlotRescaler(QwtPlot * chart) :
  2. QwtPlotRescaler(chart->canvas())
  3. {
  4. setRescalePolicy(QwtPlotRescaler::Fitting);
  5. setAspectRatio(0.0);
  6. setAspectRatio(QwtPlot::yLeft, 1.0);
  7. }
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When I resize my chart widget, the y-axis limits get updated accordingly to keep the aspect ratio.

However, when I render my chart to bitmap/vector via QwtPlotRenderer, for example with:

Qt Code:
  1. QPdfWriter pdfWriter( fname );
  2. pdfWriter.setPageSizeMM( sizeMM );
  3. pdfWriter.setTitle( title );
  4. pdfWriter.setPageMargins( QMarginsF() );
  5. pdfWriter.setResolution( resolution );
  7. QPainter painter( &pdfWriter );
  8. renderer.render( m_chart, &painter, documentRect );
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hereby using arbitrary target sizes that differ from the current screen ratio, the aspect ratio is not maintained. Apparently, the rescaler is not notified of the chart/plot layout dimension change during the rendering.

Is there a workaround/easy fix for that or do I have to modify QwtPlotRenderer to manually apply the rescaling after the plot layout update?