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Thread: QwtPlotCurve setSamples using QLinkedList

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    Default QwtPlotCurve setSamples using QLinkedList

    How difficult would it be to set up QwtPlotCurve to use a QLinkedList instead of a QVector or QwtSeriesData?

    I'm displaying data in a QwtPlotCurve which can potentially display new data on demand on the beginning or end of the plot, so I'm having to use insert with QVector which is slow for large sets of data.

    Is there a better way to do this?


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    Default Re: QwtPlotCurve setSamples using QLinkedList

    In general you are free to store your data however you want to. Derive from QwtSeriesData<QPointF> and implement the pure virtual methods returning the samples from your type of buffer.

    Nevertheless using QLinkedList is a bad idea - better stay with QVector ot std::vector or manage your own type of memory using memmove.


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