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Thread: looking for a Graphic designer London

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    Question looking for a Graphic designer London

    Morning guys,

    I have been approached by an old client to go and work for them, 6 month contract to complete a total re-brand from vehicle livery, packaging and signage thru to product brochures, the lot.
    This is something i am going to do, as the experience is invaluable and will help my cv.

    The problem i have is that i received a email this morning, asking how much i want to get paid?

    As a designer not long out of education i have been offering my services here , sometimes for free or on reduced rate to gain more experience and to build up a portfolio.

    So, i would like to know what fellow designers in and around London would charge per hour, as this contract would effectively rule me out from any other freelance work for the 6 months.

    Any advice appreciated,

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    Default Re: looking for a Graphic designer London

    Hi there,

    After a long time searching for a part-time graphic designer job in London, finally, I found an opportunity to work at night and get paid extra for the night shift schedule

    Hope my advice would help you to find your dream job

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