Hi all!
Premise: the question mark in the title means that I'm not sure what I'm going to describe is related to upgrading to creator 4.7. Point is just several things happened all together and I wanted to ask if anyone else experienced the same after upgrading and how these issues could be solved, or if some of them will be solved with future upgrades. If it is better to put them in separate threads I'll do, I kept them together cause my best guess is that they are all related to creator version upgrade.
So here the issues:

1- Whenever I start up creator the "Issues" tab lists the error
Qt Code:
  1. Failed to retrieve MSVC Environment from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\bin\SetEnv.cmd":
  2. ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.
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6 times as shown in the figure below

startup errors.png

I don't know what this error means, and if I try to execute the command SetEnv.cmd I don't get that error, the command prompt just gets... yellow...


but it doesn't seem to fail.
Btw, in the end I can compile, run, debug, so I really don't know if and how that error affects my experience with the IDE, it is just odd.

2- now warnings and errors appear as-I-type in the editor, and I find the warnings particularly annoying. I know warnings are there for a reason, that I should fix them and so on, but my code was warning-free before and now I have tons of them and I would like to be able to go on with my projects without having to fix them all right now. The main problems with these warnings is that they clutter the scrollbar, so that when I use the "find" feature I can't see the lines of the string occurences. I tried to disable some warnings that appear the most, like
Qt Code:
  1. -Wold-style-cast
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Qt Code:
  1. mingw:QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -Wno-old-style-cast
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in my .pro file, but it doesn't get rid of neither the warnings as-I-type, nor the compilation warnings.

3- There was a feature that I appreciated a lot that now I don't know how to turn on, which is the graying out of deactivated code. Now all my code looks the same, be it active or deactivated. The editor is aware of deactivated code, cause I can't ctrl+click to go to declaration of variables in deactivated snippets, but it doesn't gray it out anymore. I looked into Tools->Text Editor but couldn't find a useful option neither in Font & Colors nor in Display tab.

Thanks for any help, cause even if these issues are not preventing me from using creator they still have worsened my experience quite a bit.